Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Caught in the act

Remember our sunflower from this post? Last week I cut the flower head off and hung it in a tree, wondering if the birds would find it. Well, I didn’t have to wait too long - yesterday I noticed these two... can you see two? Click on the pic to enlarge it, one bird is on the branch, just above the sunflower and one higher up the same branch camouflaged in the leaves. From my bird book I would guess that they are Great Tits (wonder who gave them that name?)

It was lovely to watch them, they would come down from the branch to get a seed, then fly up into the leaves where they would try to break open the seed by holding it in their beaks and ‘hammering’ it on the branch, their little heads and bodies bobbing up and down.

Sorry the pics are not the greatest, I think it's time for a new camera.


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