Friday, September 28, 2012

Snow Globe Card Supplies & Instructions!

My snow globe card quest started with this card


I spent ages searching the internet for snow globe card supplies only to find that there doesn't seem to be anything out there.  So I decided to make my own using yoghurt and cream pot lids.

Not all lids are suitable as some have embossed writing on them (I've spent ages in the chilled aisle searching for the perfect lid! lol). If you are in the UK you want Rachel's Yoghurt, the lid is a perfect fit for the 2nd largest circle Nestie!!  That's the lid on the left in the above pic and the one that I have used.  The other two lids on the right are from Tesco cream but they are slightly frosted but they do have a perfect dome!  If you do use them they need to be cut a little differently. 

Let's get started.  Before you begin, have a good look at the lid, you don't want to use it as it sits on the tub, you want to turn it over to make the dome.

First cut off the outer edge, I've marked the cut line in black:

once cut it should look like the one on the right

close up and side view

Next and most important, wash the lid with hair conditioner or fabric softener to prevent static when you add glitter or Flower Soft to your dome. Rinse well and dry but not too vigorously as you don't want static to build up.

Cut a circle into a piece of card and lay the lid/dome into the hole.  The lip on the edge of the dome prevents it from falling right through and will also be your glue area. Make sure it sits nice and flat, if the hole is too small for the dome, it won't sit flat!

 Before you glue it in place, prepare your backing.  Remove the dome and place the backing in the right position, lightly draw a circle to mark the placement as this will give you a guide for where to glue later.

Colour and finish your image.

 You are now ready to glue the done in place.  Put glue all around the rim

Drop the dome back into the hole and let dry.  Side view

Once dry you are ready to glue the back. Place glue only on the bottom half at first, taking care to glue around the drawn circle as this will seal the dome. Holding the 'dome card' with the dome facing you, lower it onto the glue coated backing and leave to dry.  This will enable you to pull the top part back and insert glitter, Flower Soft, beads, sequins etc.  When you are happy with it you can glue the rest closed.

You can seal any gaps on the front/right side around the dome, with Stickles.

Closeup of my finished card:


And that's it!  Simple!  If you do make a snow globe card using my method please leave me a message, I'd love to see how yours turns out.  I hope I have documented all the steps but if I have left anything out please leave me a message.

Have fun!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Family Card Challenge - Week 15 - Distress Mania

The 'white' circle of  my card is actually coloured pink with Spun Sugar Distress Ink but unfortunately it doesn't show up in the photo.  I've used an Elzybells stamp and colured the teddy, leaves and ribbon with Distress Ink, the pink roses are coloured with ProMarkers.  The outer edge of the circle is distressed with a slightly darker ink but it too doesn't show up.    I only had one pink paper rose!!! so I added a few die cut flowers - 'Five Point Flower' die by CC Designs.

Family Card Challenge - Week 14 - Silver/Grey

To me the Silver/Grey  theme this week just had to be Christmas.  The large silver bauble was cut on the Cricut, the top of the bauble is finished with silver Stickles and a spiral paper clip.  I've also stuck a Memory Box Frostyville Wreath die cut onto the bauble.  The Magnolia image is coloured with ProMarkers.  Her hat is finished with a small pom-pom.  I've also used silver brads and silver stickers.


Family Card Challenge - Week 13 - Polka Dots and Pearls

It was my choice again this week and I chose Polka Dots and Pearls.  The background polka dot paper is actually East of India paper chain strips that I glued together to make a sheet.  If you look closely you can see the scalloped edges of the strips.


Family Card Challenge - Week 12 - Anything But a Square or Rectangle

My card this week is a hexagon snow globe card.  I stamped the Elzybells image and coloured it with ProMarkers then embossed it with a Cuttlebug snowflakes embossing folder.  I'll do a separate post about how I made the snow globe, its really easy!  The blue snowflakes are brads.


Family Card Challenge - Week 11 - Feathered Friends


It's a simple card from me this week.  I've used an Elzybells stamp (I love those stamps!) and coloured it with Distress Ink and ProMarkers.