Friday, December 9, 2011

Birthday Time

November and December is a busy time for birthdays in our house with all four of us having birthdays in these two months. As a result it is also a busy time for making cards. Here are my latest creations, firstly my daughter's card

Inside her card was a little surprise...

She had wanted a hoodie from a certain shop and I had given her the money to buy it before her birthday. On her birthday I wanted her to have a little reminder of what her gift was so I wrote inside the card 'Open to see your present'...

She was very impressed with it which made me happy because she doesn't share my passion for crafts.

Next, my son's card

The green frame around the teddy was cut from tissue paper and then crumpled. Aren't the little metal spanners and hammer cute? (Woodware brads). The tyre print background was made by rolling tyres (old toy cars) over an inkpad and then rolling over card.

I also made my first Christmas card

All pictures are coloured with koh-i-noor pencils blended with solvent. I'm still not very good at getting the shadow/light correct but I do enjoy all the practise!


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Patsy Long said...

Amanda, your cards are adorable. What a great idea about the tyre tracks. I would never have thought of that. I love the Tilda stocking stamp, I haven't seen that one before. What solvent are you using with your pencils. I love the reminder of the hoodie. I think people really appreciate hand made cards these days. You are motivating me as well to do more cards.