Thursday, March 8, 2012

Union Jack Bunting

Inspired by a recent visit to a craft exhibition and some new purchases, I've been busy making some bunting in preparation for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations in June. (I can't believe I'm so organised!!)

I used a Bunting Pack of ready cut cardboard triangles

Cut strips of paper and laid them on the triangles

Then whilst holding down the strips I carefully inked over them, covering the whole triangle. A low tack adhesive tape would probably have been easier than the strips as I had to do gymnastics with my fingers to hold them all in place while inking!

I stamped randomly with my new Portobello Road stamps (Docrafts).

I ♥ these stamps! (Seen here with some of my new buttons!)

I removed the strips

Added ribbons

And even some of my new washi tape (from here)

Finally I stitched (with invisible thread - my latest discovery!) all the triangles onto ribbon

And strung them up

In the conservatory! I need to get some lovely red cushions to put on the sofa but for now I will use the cushion that my son made in school a few years ago.

Are you going to be making any bunting?


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Patsy Long said...

I love it Amanda, thanks for the details on how to make it. Very British!!!