Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Initial Heart Swap

Every year around this time I read on blogs about heart swaps and I always wish that I had taken part in something like that.  This year (actually towards the end of last year) I decided to Google and find a heart swap to take part in.  That's when I came across Cheryll's lovely blog and her Initial Heart Swap. I signed up and awaited details of my secret partner - Lynn from Happiness Is Cross Stitching.

As Lynn has now received her swap, I can reveal what I made.

I knew from the start that I wanted to make a crochet heart as I love to crochet (not that I do that much of it but see here and here).

Now as it was an 'Initial' Heart Swap I had to add my partner's initial to it.  I first thought about using an initialled bead but didn't really know where I would put it.  Then I realised that Lynn was a cross stitcher and so decided to x stitch her initial onto ribbon and use that as the leaves. Lynn, I hope you approve of my x stitch skills!

All packaged up with a hand made label! You'll notice in later pics that I decided to stamp Lynn's name onto the tag.

Another requirement of the swap was to send your partner a chocolate/a sweet.  I bought a bag of chocolate hearts and repackaged them, sealing the bag with a hand made tag.  I sealed it shut with row of zig zag stitching that I wanted to look like grass but look closely, I had stitched it with the zig zags pointing down!!

I just couldn't leave it like that so I redid it - much better!

 I was having so much fun with my swap that I decided to add a couple of extras - one of them was an idea I had had for a while but had never gotten around to doing.  I painted an empty little honey jar lid green and stuck on a hand made rose and filled the jar with pink, white and green buttons.


And since I enjoy making cards, I made a card to go with it

Finally I packaged it all up and sent it off to Lynn

Lynn, I'm so glad you liked it! It was an absolute pleasure putting it together for you.



Cheryll said...

WOW Amanda.. your package is awesome! Love the jar of buttons too... what a great idea... :)

Amanda said...

Thanks Cheryll!

Lynn said...

Hi Amanda,
I loved receiving this lovely gift, Thankyou so much!

Best Wishes
Lynn B

Amanda said...

I'm so glad you liked it Lynn!

Melanie said...

What lovely gifts you sent. xxx

Amanda said...

Thanks Melanie! And thank you for the lovely gifts you sent, I absolutely love them!! Thanks for following my blog!