Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope you have had a good day! Each year I like to surprise my family at the breakfast table and this year I decided to cut a very sparkly piece of gift wrap into 4 'place mats'.

I also bought each member of the family a small gift - heart shaped pencils for my son who is crazy about pencils (!!)

a tiny teddy for my daughter (sorry about the bad pic)

and for my husband a box of his favorite chocolates.

And for me I hear you ask? Well, I originally bought Hubby a very small box of his favorite chocolates but then I saw the same chocolates in special Valentine's packaging, so I got him those instead and I got the small box.

He's already eaten the whole box!!!!


1 comment:

Patsy Long said...

You are so thoughtful and creative. I hope your hubby spoiled you too...